In home service


In order to give our customers the best and the most various of choices in service. provides In home service that's always ready to be at your door.

In home service  is offering in home and in office Computer and Laptop repair service

In order to bring to customer a comprehensive service. We have been working hard on improving our services and techniques.


sua-laptop-tai-nha-uy-tin-2 .com’s screw at Thai Ha store


Laptop and PC are playing an important role in the modern life. They help to make ease on creation, use and exchange of information, has a major goal of making tasks easier to execute as well as solving many problems.

Even though Laptops are portable but it doesn’t mean you won’t need an in home service for them, there will be some unexpected circumstances that won't allow you to take your Laptop to our shop. Since we always want to bring to our customers the best options for their best convenient. If you can not come to us then you can have us out to your home or your office
One of the reason we open shops in many places in Hanoi is to give our customer a on time service, fast and effective.



In home service at .com

You can always feel confident in ’s home or office laptop repair because we are confident to be the best on what we provide.

Since this service had launched we have served many customers and this is one of the most needed service in our shops.

In Home Laptop and PC repair at . We provide:

  • Laptop and Desktop Computer Selection & Installation : Windows, Word, Exel, Fonts, Autocad,...

  • Malware removalData recovery service

  • Desktop Hardware Repair

  • Desktop RAM Upgrade & Repair

  • Laptop, Mac, PC Components Replacement

  • Motherboard Repair

  • Network Card Repair

  • Power Supply Repair

  • Processor Repair

  • SD Card Reader Repair

  • Sound Card Repair

  • USB Hub Repair

  • Video Graphics Card Repair

  • CD / DVD / Blu-Ray Repair

  • Computer, Laptop Hard Drive Repair

  • Cleaning & Maintenance Laptop service

  • Warranty service

Call  today and you will be satisfied with our service



: 1800 6024 - Phone: 083 865 8866
Group Laptop Viet Nam:
Nearest Address: Sincerely every moment to serve customers 

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