iPhone X front camera replacement

07/03/2019 - Services for foreigners
Your iPhone X front camera is not working, this could be tiresome since one of your favorite function on the phone is taking selfie. What should you do? SUACHUALAPTOP24h.com will get you back the well working front camera after at least 30 minutes.


You own an iPhone X which is discontinued Less than one year since it was released, and instead of iPhone X, Apple introduced three new iPhones iPhone XR, XS and XS Max.

Good news for you that you still get your iPhone X repair when something wrong happened with your phone.


If your iPhone X is having one of these symptoms:

- Your front camera is not working due to water spilled

- Your camera is broken after you tried to fix other part in the phone

- Your camera is broken after dropping

If you're having one of these problems your iPhone X front camera need to be replaced as soon as possible. Since camera is one of the reason why iPhone X is attractive. Especially when you enjoy taking selfie pictures.

Water damage is one of the reason why the front camera is not working

Water damage is one of the reason why the front camera is not working

Of all the repair shops you could find on the internet and on the streets, let's hear SUACHUALAPTOP24h.com why you should choose our service.

- We have been doing this business for 8 years and we are confident of our repair rate. With the skillful and professional technicians, we have helped million of customers fix their devices. Not only we work with laptops and smartphones , we has established a brother brand which repair all Apple devices. This is the reason why you could entrust your iPhone X to us, since we are expert on Apple hardware repair.

- Not only we have skills and knowledge about Apple devices, we are fully equipped with modern machines which could help us detect the problem faster and more precisely.

- The procedure of fixing is clear and easy to understand, every steps are implemented in front the customers so there is no confusing and customer is asked to sign after we have check and agreed on everything ( Price, work...)

- All the parts to replace are in good condition and have warranty. Because we are confident on our products so we have warranty for all components include fixing services.


iPhone X front camera is for taking selfie

Our commitment to customers:

- We always put the quality first ( on service, products...)

- There is no extra fee during the repair. If there is any problem we found during fixing process, we will immediate stop the process and inform the customers before we take any further action. After customer understand the situation and we have agreed on the next step( could include extra fee or not depends on the level of damage or which part is found to be failed) we will continue the work as customer's wish.

- After customer agree to buy our components, all the installation process is free

If you’re looking for a replacement of your iPhone X front camera, please contact SUACHUALAPTOP24h.com so we could assist you at our best possibility.

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