Fix laptop randomly shut down at

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Fix laptop randomly shut down at

Reasons why your laptop shut down randomly

If you're having this problem: you're using laptop and suddenly it shuts down and it happens repeatedly while you use your laptop. There are many reasons lead to this problem

- Laptop fan and heatsink are broken or not working:  When the fan is not working, the heat inside laptop will build up and become overheat. When laptop overheat in a certain period of time, the system will shut down to protect laptop components

- Battery problem is another major reason for random shutdown of laptop. If your battery is not working, the power supply in the laptop will be suspended this could cause laptop  to shut down randomly.

- No power supply is another risk, or even faulty power supply. Because the value of current decrease and also increases, so it greatly damages the battery and laptop itself. You  should take your laptop to service center and have it checked for power supply as soon as possible.

- Hardware failure is a rare case, but there are some problem could cause laptop to shut down randomly and we shouldn't miss this issue. The better idea is to hand your laptop to professional hands and have it checked thoroughly.

- Virus also cause the laptop randomly shut down. This could happen to every computer and some virus could destroy your system so you better install antivirus software for your laptop. If you think that your laptop still have virus you should take your laptop to service and check for it

- Most of the laptops either stop working or just turn off randomly because of ram crashing problem. If your ram is displaced or not put in correctly. But to solve this problem is not so complicated, unplug your ram, clean it and put it back to place. The problem shall be solved. with years of experiences of fixing laptop with randomly shut down problems. We have skilled technicians and modern devices could check your laptop  thoroughly and will find out exactly what's wrong with your laptop. We ensure you will be happy from the moment you walk in since the time you left.

We commit to our customers:

- Free checking and find problem for laptop

- Long term warranty

- Customers can observe the whole repair process

You will get back your well working laptop at no time. For any question and support, you can call us on hotline in English 0981223199 or talk to us online at any time. is here to serve you


Hotline: 1800 6024 - Phone: 083 865 8866
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Nearest Address: Sincerely every moment to serve customers

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