iPad Pro 12.9 ( 2017) 2nd Gen Touch & LCD Screen Replacement

02/03/2019 - Services for foreigners
You are looking for a new Touch & LCD Screen for your iPad Pro 12.9 ( 2017) 2nd Gen. Come to SUACHUALAPTOP24h.com we will give you free screen installation and long term warranty you could get.

iPad Pro 12.9 (2017) 2nd GEN TOUCH & LCD SCREEN REPLACEMENT 

You own an iPad Pro 12.9 ( 2017) 2nd Gen and you have been suffering with unresponsive touchscreens, sometimes the whole screen, sometimes just one area. Some other people also have issues with multi-touch, where the iPad seems to register touches they didn’t make.


If you are experiencing one of these problems then it might be the time for replacing your iPad Touch & LCD Screen.

iPad and iPhone are dedicated devices with so many small components which could be confusing with each other, this repair is not recommended for user.

You definitely need help from professional people who know what they do and could deliver precisely repair services.

In this case, SUACHUALAPTOP24h.com is proud to be one of your best choice in Ha Noi, HCM City, Hai Duong province, Hai Phong Province, Bac Giang province and other areas in Viet Nam.

 iPad Pro 12.9 ( 2017) 2nd Gen Touch & LCD Screen Replacement

iPad Pro 12.9 ( 2017) 2nd Gen Touch & LCD Screen Replacement

Let's hear us why SUACHUALAPTOP24h.com is the best choice for you

We know best about your products

Since the first day we opened this business, we have known that there are many challenges. The technologies are being used on these devices always change and the innovation is applied everyday. So, to keep up with these changes, we have to continuously learn the new technologies, not only to understand them but also know how to fix them.

And we have been learning hard until today, every time there is new device comes out, we would learn how it works and how to fix it.

We are proud to assure you that we almost fixed every Apple hardwares and our rate of success are high, which makes both us and our customers confident when we fix their products.

Our repair rate is high

We have been fixing hundred thousand devices and we proudly say that our repair rate is fairly high. For this reason, you could always count on us when it come to our experty.

We give long term warranty

Since we are confident on our products, of course we would like to give the best warranty term for our customers.

Almost every component are warranted and even our fixing services are warranted.

LCD screen for iPad Pro 12.9 ( 2017) 2nd Gen

LCD screen for iPad Pro 12.9 ( 2017) 2nd Gen

You don't have to worry about the price

Now you have so many tools to find the most reasonable price you could afford. But, remember the quality comes with the price, when you use our service you won't have to second thought about what you will pay for they are all worthed it.

English support for foreign customers

Not only we have our technicians who always online to answer all of your question, we also have English hotline for those who don't speak Vietnamese.

You need to get your iPad Pro touch & LCD screen replaced as soon as possible, please contact SUACHUALAPTOP24h.com so we could assist you at our best possibility.


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