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When the laptop lcd cable is broken, the screen of your laptop has failed, you will not be able to see any images. To fix the problem, the entire inverter board and its connected LCD cable might need to be manually replaced. where should you go to get a new laptop lcd cable? will help you find the answer

Laptop lcd cable repair at


How to tell if your laptop lcd cable is broken?


Most of the time you only see there is something wrong with the screen. But how could you tell if there is cable fault. You could do some test or checking as follow:

use your index finger to press just inside the edge of the screen all around. If that restores or kills parts of the screen, the problem is in the screen

If the LCD itself is broken, you might see dead or stuck pixels that look something like this. 

Thay cáp màn hình laptop

 The screen shows dead points

If the screen CABLE is broken, usually the backlight will randomly shut off, dim, or sometimes weird colored lines will appear on the display if you have the laptop open at a certain angle.

Reason why lcd screen is broken

Laptop lcd screen is fixed in place inside laptop. You need to break down the laptop in order to see it. It's hard to impact the lcd cable cause there are many layers to protect it. The reason why the cable is broken might be closing and opening laptop in improper way for many times or laptop is dropped which cause the damage.

When you tilt the screen back and forth, the screen goes flickering or is back to normalt. In this case, maybe the laptop screen cable is just loosed, when you shake the screen or tilt the screen, the cable is properly connected so the screen is back to normal. This could happen in case you have removed the display from the laptop in the past and not properly reattached the cable.

Then you just open the laptop up again and tighten the cable will solve the problem 

Thay cáp màn hình laptop

 Laptop lcd cable is broken leads to screen

But if your laptop lcd cable is broken, the cable should be replaced as soon as possible. 

 Laptop lcd cable replacement at Sửa chữa Laptop 24h .com

Laptop lcd cable replacement at Sửa chữa Laptop 24h .com

Sửa chữa Laptop 24h .com with teams of technicians are always ready repair and replace laptop lcd cable, repair laptop screen broken due to liquid spill, cracked screen or faulty screen. We locate all over Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city, Hai Duong, Hai Phong, Bac Giang. 

At the center of Sửa chữa Laptop 24h .com, we have in stock all of the components for laptop at all major brands. Even if we are out of stock we are able to get it in one or two days.

We have lcd cable of all brands:

- HP, Dell, Acer, Vaio, Toshiba, Apple, Thinkpad Lenovo, Samsung and other brands...from Gaming laptop to business laptop.

Unless your lcd cable has severe damage that couldn't repair or the repair is not safe for the whole system. We will consult the customer to get a new cable. 

If your screen is not working properly and you think there is problem with your laptop. You can call us on hotline in English 0981223199 or talk to us online at any time. Sửa chữa Laptop 24h .com is here to serve you

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Sửa chữa Laptop 24h .com- Sincerely every moment to serve customers

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