Laptop screen replacement

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Laptop screen replacement 

 We are experts in providing replacements for damaged laptopscreens. We provide best quality, brand new replacement Laptop screen for all major Laptop Brands : Sony, IBM thinkpad, HP, Dell, Acer, Samsung and so many more

If your Laptop screen is damaged, cracked during use or has dead pixels / lines or the picture sharpness is reduced and backlight is not working. It’s time for you to get a brand new LCD screen .


Laptop-screen-replacement-1’s engineer is fixing laptop screen


We take pride in our quality and price. At Suachualaptop24h we provide free Laptop estimates and our technicians will explain what’s wrong with your device then give the best services for you.


To ensure that you purchase the right screen for your needs we are happy to assist you in identifying exactly the screen that you’re looking for. We understand that each time a customer come back to us is a reward for our effort. So we always try our best to satisfy our customer with what we can provide.


We give our customer free replacement when they purchase the screen in our shop. If the product you have received found to be a manufacturing defect we will restock that one and exchange for you a new one with no charge.




Checking laptop screen


Common Laptop screen problems that could happen:


- The screen appears vertical or horizontal white or blue lines

- The screen is blur, can not show clear images, only being seen when you look from some angles

- There are unclear dots on the screen or grey or white staints

- The screen doesn't show the whole screen, black dead spots apprear



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