LCD screen repair service

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Laptop repair 24h always bring you the service you need, in the right time and right place. Need laptop LCD screen repair go to one of our shops and got it taken care for you.

Laptop’s LCD screen repair service

1. The important of the screen

Laptop screen is one of those components that you could see on the Laptop surface. Most of the operations in Laptop show on the screen so if there is any damage on the screen could reflect poorly on your daily works. Just like when you get some problems with your health, your skin will show some signals of the problem, when your Laptop got damaged the easiest way to spot there is something wrong with your device is through the screen.


Laptop’s LCD screen repair service at Laptop repair 24h

2. Most common problem you could meet with the screen

1. Power Damage

- Smell the smoke

- Could not turn on the Laptop

- There is no sign of power on 5 minutes after turn on

- Power light isn’t on

2. Inverter Damage

- Laptop shutdown suddently after 2-5 seconds

- Laptop light is darker than it should be

- Laptop screen turns red before it works

-The screen only shows light on the upper or lower part

3. Mainboard Damage

- Laptop Screen doesn’t light up

- Laptop resolution is wrong

- The screen doesn’t show toolbar or menu

- The color of the screen is not what was setup

- Power light is yellow

4. Panel Damage

- The screen turns white

- The images are blur

- There is one or more thin multi color lines running down the screen

- Pictures shown wrongly color or broken words

- A Half or one third the screen doesn’t show up

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