Buy used Samsung laptop

24/12/2018 - Services for foreigners
Used laptop is one alternative choice which give you chance to buy the laptop you want at lower price. If you're looking for used Samsung laptop, has the exact laptop you wish for.

Buy used Samsung laptop


Laptop Samsung not only captive the heart of million user from its design, capacity, and powerful CPU. If you're thinking about getting an well functioning Samsung laptop at reasonable price, Sửa chữa Laptop 24h .com has the best Used Samsung laptop for your choice.

Buy used Samsung laptop 

Not only Samsung has excellent TV and Smartphone, they also provide Laptops. Samsung is one of few Brands could compete with Apple. Not to mention Samsung is manufactured partner for Apple, Nokia, Sony and HTC. For all of these reason, laptop Samsung is popular among laptop users.

1. Used Samsung laptop at Sửa chữa Laptop 24h .com

At Sửa chữa Laptop 24h .com, we offer used Samsung laptop at all model and specification for you.

All items have been tested by our technicians to make sure everything works fine when we present to our customers.

Customers are free to test and run the laptop until they are happy with the product

We have tested for all key functions, in case the product has any problem( But still acceptable) we will inform customer clearly beforehand. And the price will also come with the condition of the laptop.

Not every customer has done the research on the product or the range of products is too large, we will help by answer every query of customers or easier, customer tells us they want Samsung laptop with what kind of specs we will get them the exact model they want.

2. Some of Samsung laptop model we are providing

- Samsung Notebook

 - Samsung Chromebook

 - Samsung R20

 - Samsung 19v-4,7a

 - Samsung r522 rv511 r510 r519

 - Samsung q430 r430 r440

 - Samsung 19v - 3.16a

And other Samsung laptop models

R20 is one of the Samsung laptop model is providing

R20 is one of the Samsung laptop model Sửa chữa Laptop 24h .com is providing

Come to we provide you a well functioning Samsung laptop with warranty, you could put your mind at ease when you take our services and products.

If you are looking for an used Samsung laptop in Ha Noi, HCM city, Hai Phong province, Hai Duong Province and Bac Giang Province please let us know what you need.

Call us on hotline for English support. Sửa chữa Laptop 24h .com will always ready to serve you.

A technician is fixing laptop at shop

A technician is fixing laptop at shop

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Hotline: 1800 6024 - Phone: 083 865 8866
Group Laptop Viet Nam:
Nearest Address: Sincerely every moment to serve customers

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