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What is benefit of having a clean laptop:

Every laptop suck up a lot of dust over time. After a while your laptop will get clogged by so many things like dust, animal fur, hair...These thing will block the fan from rotating then the hardware parts inside won’t get cool air and the hot air can’t go out from the vent. This makes laptop overheat and could lead to other damage possibility to other parts inside laptop. Cleaning your laptop could prevent these problems.

Other benefit is you could keep a clean display. A display full of dust is annoying and cleaning your laptop often could keep your display

No more damage, no more spending money on repair or replace laptop parts. And how do you do that? By cleaning them!

How much should you pay for laptop cleaning service?

Normally, the cost for laptop cleaning service would range from 100.000 - 200.000 VND.The reason why the prices are not consistent because laptop care centres have set different prices and depends on the tool they use such as cleaning kit, thermal past..

vệ sinh máy tính xách tay has been helping a lot of customers with our laptop cleaning service.

We are proud to bring to our customers a fast and effective service. Our network has been spreading from Ha Noi to HCM city.

Cleaning process at

With only 150.000VND you will get a professional service, your laptop will be take very good care of.

Our laptop clean consists of cleaning on top and under and inside of the laptop. we well remove all of the debris under the keys, touch pads and external surfaces. The screen is cleaned with the appropriate cleaning materials, specifically designed for use with laptop.

The cooling system is one of the parts need to be taken care of carefully. We will make them as clean as new.  

If you're a fan of DIY then also provide thermal past and cleaning kits. But you're better be sure of what you're about to do cause thit job require to break down inside the laptop.

Whenever you feel like giving your laptop a new clean look inside out, please give a call. Our free hotline or chat with us. is here to serve you.

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