iPhone 7 Plus charging port replacement

26/02/2019 - Services for foreigners


Your iPhone 7 plus is not charging even though you have switched to another charger. This could be your charging port failure, when this happened, there is no way you could power your iPhone again without replacing the charging port.

Sounds simple, doesn't it ?

But no! Why?

There are so many iPhone components out there and they are all claim to be suitable for iPhone. But does it have Apple MFI Certificated or have been tested to be safe on Apple devices.

This worth your time and effort to find a good and trusted repair center which provides genuine parts or with Apple MFI certificated.

One thing for sure you could put your mind at ease when you use SUACHUALAPTOP24h.com services and products. Not only we give customers our best warranty date but also we give warranty for our service.

Let’s hear reasons why you should choose SUACHUALAPTOP24h.com services and products.

In order to repair iPhone 7 Plus charging port we need to take down the phone

In order to repair iPhone 7 Plus charging port we need to take down the phone

We have been working on the field for a long time and we know best on what we do

SUACHUALAPTOP24h.com has established since 2011 and since then we have always cultivated our knowledge and skills. We know that technology industry is changing everyday and we have to try our best to keep up with new technologies. And for that, we have been learning and practising on every new Apple devices which are just released or have been discontinued. We are confident that the rate of success in our services and skills are high and we rarely let our customers down.

We offer long term warranty

Other centers might only give you 3 months of warranty but we will give you the longest warranty time we could provide.

We also have all of the parts in stock in case our customer is in hurry and want to get their iPhone back within the day.

We also have warranty for fixing services.

SUACHUALAPTOP24h.com provides long term warranty

SUACHUALAPTOP24h.com provides long term warranty

You don't have to worry about the price

Now you have so many tools to find the most reasonable price you could afford. But, remember the quality comes with the price, when you use our service you won't have to second thought about what you will pay for they are all worthed it.

We would never snatch parts

Many customers come to us with the same worry since they don't know what is in the iPhone and what is still working what is not. We believe the more we give the more customers trust and come back and look for solution whenever their devices have problems. This is why you never hear anything such as snatch parts from our customers.

English support for foreign customers

Nt ot only we have our technicians who always online to answer all of your question, we also have English hotline for those who don't speak Vietnamese.

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