iPhone battery replacement at SUACHUALAPTOP24h.com

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iPhone battery replacement at SUACHUALAPTOP24h.com

When should you get a new iPhone battery?

iPhone battery is a little similar with Mac, when iPhone’s battery passes the 500 complete charges point it’s suggested that it should be replaced. Unfortunately iOS doesn’t indicate how many times your current battery has been fully charged, but there are some other ways to check up on your battery’s health. 

 iPhone 5C battery is bulging

With newer iPhone version, there is software update with new features that "give users more visibility into the health of their iPhone’s battery, so they can see for themselves if its condition is affecting performance".

You could follow these steps to check your battery:

1. Go to Settings > Battery

2. Tap on Battery Health

3. It shows the ‘maximum capacity’ of your battery is - this is a measure of your battery capacity relative to when the battery was new.

Apple advices that “Lower capacity may result in fewer hours of usage between charges.”

4. Below there is an indication of the battery’s ‘Peak Performance Capacity’. If your iPhone battery is running well you will see a message that “Your battery is currently supporting normal peak performance”.

In case your iPhone doesn’t have this feature, you could read these sign to see if you need a new battery or not

- Battery shows fully charged quickly and then drain so fast.

- A large amount of battery power is gone while it's been setting indle.

- Battery has reported 80% but after over 5 minutes have showed low battery.

- The back of the iPhone is bulged up, feel hot when touch it.

- iPhone shutdown without noticing, even although the battery is fully charged

When the iPhone battery has been drained, it should be replace to protect other parts of the iPhone and the phone itself


iPhone 6Plus battery

iPhone battery replacement at SUACHUALAPTOP24h.com and AP24h.com

If you are having an iPhone with bad battery then you should get it replaced. At AP24h.vn or SUACHUALAPTOP24h.com we have all service you need.

We stock almost every iPhone battery to support you in time. Even if we are temporary out of stock, we could get it after 1 or 2 days. We assure you that our products are high quality and will make you happy with our service

Our commitment to our customers:

- Replace your iPhone battery right after we received it

- Good quality at good price

- The repair is implemented by experienced technician

- Customer could see the whole process 


iPhone battery replacement at SUACHUALAPTOP24h.com or Ap24h.com

SUACHUALAPTOP24h.com and Ap24h.com provide all iPhone batteries at all models

-  iPhone 4/ 4s
-  iPhone 5/ 5s/ 5c
-  iPhone 6/ 6s/ 6Plus/ 6s Plus
-  iPhone 7/ 7 Plus
-  iPhone 8/ 8 Plus
And other models

If your iPhone battery is draining so fast and annoying you with that, let us know so we could be of help for you as soon as possible. Please contact our Hotline for English support 0981223199



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