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If you’re a Lenovo laptop owners who is experiencing the laptop screen failure, you might want to get a thorough test on your laptop to know where is the real problem.

Because laptop is a combination of many other parts which are linked together and if one piece of this combination is not working well, the screen will show you the sign of problem

Luckily, the laptop is not so complicated, you could test other parts which connect to the LCD screen to find the source of the problem. 

Most of the time when you find the screen is where your problem started. There are some screen issues could be solved by repairing, but most of the time the LCD is not working as well as before and there will be very much likely to be another screen problem. And sooner or later you will need to replace your laptop screen.

SUA CHUA LAPTOP 24h.com is laptop repair center which is providing all kind of laptop care service. Our primary focus is to serve our customers with our best solutions. If your screen is repairable we would tell you to remain the old screen and get it fixed, but if your screen damage is too severe we will advise you to get a new laptop screen for your Lenovo.

Our commitment to our customers:

- Fix your Lenovo laptop screen in at least 20 minutes

- Replace your Lenovo laptop screen for free after you make the purchase at our shop

- Competitive prices

- Long term warranty 9-15 months

- Free consultant for the best solution

- Customers could observe the whole process

We offer Lenovo laptop screen replacement for all size laptops: Lenovo 11.6 inch, Lenovo 13.3 inch, Lenovo 14.1 inch, Lenovo 14 inch, laptop Lenovo 15.6 inch..


Laptop Lenovo screen for model S400, G400S at SUA CHUA LAPTOP 24h .com

How much should i pay for a Lenovo laptop screen?

You could easily find Lenovo laptop screen, but in all kind of cost and quality.

Would you like a cheap screen for 500.000 VND or less with no warranty and has nothing to reassure you that it could work well in the future.

Or would you pay more to get a genuine one with fully warranty and a trusted service.

At Laptop repair 24h we offer the range of prices for Lenovo laptop from 900.000 -1.500.000 VND depends on the model of your laptop.

If you want to know how much you should pay for a new Lenovo laptop screen. Please call us on free hotline18006024. We will give you our advices on technical matter and prices 



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