Repair laptop that got wet at

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Repair laptop that got wet at

Water spill is the nightmare of all electronic devices.

Unfortunately, sometime it's not just water that spilled in the laptop. There are many kind of drinks that could get involved such as: coffee, soda, tea, cocoa... and the level of damage is not the same. Even mineral water could cause a severe damage because of corrosive materials ingredient in the water will damage laptop components 

sửa laptop bị vô nước

 Laptop keyboard got water spill

There have been many cases of liquid spill that make the user pay good money for it. Some even have to buy a new laptop.

If the liquid got into the keyboard it could cause the short circuit. If only the keyboard then replacement is the best option.

Or when liquid got into the screen, could lead to screen damage: inverter is broken, backlight is broken or even the display is stop working. In this case, the repair could be relatively difficult and the replacement of a new screen is a must.

 Repair laptop got wet in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city


When your laptop got wet the first thing you should do it's to try your best to dry your laptopand then bring your laptop to repair center as soon as possible. is one trusted laptop repair center that you can count on. At the center, the technician will immediately check and determine the level of damage caused by the water to your laptop, then propose the best repair solution. The entire inspection process is free and transparent, you could put your mind at ease when you use our service.

sửa laptop bị vô nước

 A technician is checking a laptop which got water spilled

If you’re worrying for your laptop which got water damage, let us know so we could be of help for you as soon as possible. Please contact our Hotline for English support 0981223199


Hotline: 1800 6024 - Phone: 083 865 8866
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Nearest Address: Sincerely every moment to serve customers


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