Should you fix your MacBook battery yourself or take it to repair center?

27/05/2018 - Services for foreigners

Should you fix your MacBook battery yourself or take it to repair center?

Everyone know the rule of laptop battery, the lifespan will reduce overtime. If you take good care of the battery or run calibration, your battery life will expand. But if your Macbook battery has been used for a long time, or it has not been taking care in the right way then the possibility that your macbook needs a new battery is pretty high.


Not to mention newer (post-2009) MacBook Airs which have the unibody design where the battery is soldered on. The chance for you to fix your battery yourself is narrowed. But it’s still possible with someone who is tech savvy or especially Macbook.

If you sure you know what you're doing then there are some tools you need to make the DIY job.




On the technical front, you’ll need a standard Philips screwdriver, the plastic Spudger tool, the Y1 Tr-wing screwdriver. You can find a ‘Battery Replacement Kit for MacBook at online shop or some Laptop repair stores

To identify your MacBook, you should be able to find the MacBook’s serial number in the ‘About This Mac’ window.

There are many instructions that you could find on internet, note that you need to know your actual model and find the correspondent video.

There are some models which are noted that they are not user replaceable such as

MacBook Unibody later model (A1342)

MacBook Pro Retina (13 and 15in)

Some other models require removing bottom panel of MacBook, removing battery connector, and unscrewing battery fixing in order to replace the battery

MacBook Pro Unibody 13in (all)

MacBook Pro Unibody 17in

Even though you can fix the macbook battery yourself the wise decision is still to get the professional care for your macbook

Where should you get your battery fixed?

For over 6 years, has build trusted in customer and expand the business over the north of Vietnam. Until now, we have 13 laptop repair shop and the list still goes on.

Our techinicians are skilled and experienced with all kind of laptops. Especially on Apple, we have the sister company with the expertises in Apple's products

You absolutely can count on us when entrust your macbook to us. We ensure you can take back your well function laptop in no time.

If your battery is not working please contact us on free hotline 18006024. is happy to be at your service!



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