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27/02/2018 - Services for foreigners
What should you do when you are watching your favorite movie and then suddently your screen turned black. Don't panic SUACHUALAPTOP24h.com will give you the fastest solution.
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The black screen is not as scared as it seems . This error is not too serious, but sometimes it will also affect your laptop fuctioning and your work. Here are some common reasons and solutions to this problem:
Software error:
A simple software error can also be the cause of a black screen error. This usually happens when you run a program that heavy and akes too much space in your RAM



Hardware issue:
If these problems mentioned above are not the case. You laptop might have hardware problems:
Loose or disconnected cable
Bad LCD power inverter.
Bad CCFL or backlight.
Bad LCD.



Laptop Overheating
Laptop is overheating sounds like one of the most common reason. Normally, laptop shuts off when it overheats, it may only shut off the display. Cause by the graphics chip shutting off.
Check to see if dust or dirt build-up on your fan, heat sink or vents. Get your laptop cleaned every 6 months is recommended





Power supply issues:

The power supply of a computer is a component that is often forgotten, but extremely important. If we often plug in all days and nights, they could be damage over time. Everything in your computer needs energy to run, and if it suddenly cuts off, and the power left in your battery is not enough to provide laptop.  





With years of experiences, we have helped a hundred thousand laptop with screen issues. We offer the laptop screen service at a very good price. Whenever customers come to us with a screen issues. We will give the laptop a thourough checking process, then give to our customer the best solution. To us our customer satisfied is the most important and that's the goal that lead us through all these years.

If your laptop has any screen problems that you can not fix, contact the our free hotline 1800.6024 or visit the nearest SUACHUALAPTOP24.com shop. We are always at your service.


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