Dell laptop case replacement service

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Dell laptop case replacement service


Dell is one of the most used computers today because 3 features of design, configuration and price.There variety of models can fit almost all kind of customer demands. Since the number of use is high, the service for Dell is always on demand. offer to our customer the Dell laptop case replacement service.

We have been rated to be one of the best provider on this service

When should I replace my Dell computer case?

Dell computer case is quite durable, we would suggest you to fix the problem before get a replacement. It could save you a lot of time and money. But in case you feel the damage is to big and that would raise the risk for the laptop not only for the look but also other technical problem



Laptop case Dell Inspiron 1545


Most popular problems that your laptop could meet:

- The Dell case has so many dents and they could effect the components inside laptop that cause them to malfunction.

- The case is cracked, too large and can not be re-welded

- The hinge is broken so that the laptop can not be fold down or open up

- There are scratches on the laptop thay affects the aesthetics

Dell laptop case replacement service at

We provide Laptop Repair services for all major brand. We are considering to be one of the best laptop repair company in Vietnam. We are expert on repair laptop and we have been working with all the major brands in the world to be their distributor  

With years of experience, we offer all types of Dell computer enclosures for customers such as:

-  laptop Dell latitude E6410

-  laptop Dell inspiron Mini 10

-  laptop Dell inspiron 1012

-  laptop Dell XPS L501X

-  laptop Dell latitude E6400

-  laptop Dell inspiron 1427

-  laptop Dell inspiron 1420

-  laptop Dell Vostro 1320

And other models.




Laptop Dell Vostro V130

The new products that we are providing are warranted for up to 12 months. If the product is proven to be fault at manufacturing we will replace a free product at the same model for you. In addition, when using the service here, customers also get free consultations and others such as follow up service.

Come to now to get a new look for your Dell laptop today and experience our service.

Thank you very much



: 1800 6024 - Phone: 083 865 8866
Group Laptop Viet Nam:
Nearest Address: Sincerely every moment to serve customers 

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