Free laptop problems checking and consulting services at

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Free laptop problems checking and consulting services at

In order to improve our service to customers, beside the repair and replacement services. also provides Free laptop problems checking and consulting services. These services help customers learn more about their laptop conditions and gain more knowledge on what is the best way to solve their problems. Customers will know more about the devices and make the most effective decision everytime they occur the same issue.

What is Free laptop problems checking and consultant services at
Whenever your laptop has issue, like not working properly you might want to know exactly what happened to it. Unfortunatly, not every repair shop could give a thorough examination for your laptop cause it takes time


Technicians at are checking the laptop for customers understands our customer concerns so we provides a free of charge checking and consulting services in all  of our shops. When you come to one of our shop you will get your laptop checked at no cost after that we will give you an explanation and consultant for best solution. provides free checking services such as:

1. Check and give solution for hardware problems: keyboard, LCD screen, speaker, RAM, hard drive, battery...

2. Check and give solution for software problems: OS, Windows, Drivers, data recovery...

3. Check and give solution for maintenance services

4. Free consulting on update software:  IOS, OS., photoshop..

5. Free consulting on component replacement

tu-van-sua-chua-may-tinh-mien-phi-2 at No 5 Lane 178 Thai Ha

If you're having technical problem with your laptop and need  professional consulting. Call us on free hotline 1800.6024 or take your laptop to one of our shop. is happy to be at your serve

Hotline: 1800 6024 - Phone: 083 865 8866
Group Laptop Viet Nam:
Nearest Address: Sincerely every moment to serve customers

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