Macbook adapter repair & replacement

11/01/2018 - Services for foreigners

Macbook adapter repair & replacement

Adapter is a thing that would not the the first thing when you thiknk about your Mac, but it has to be the second. Since it's long and always on the floor so most of the time people would not notice how important it is. When your adapter's cord worn out, the inside cord is exposed it might be a time for you to get a new one.


Macbook adapter repair & replacement


But can you get a new Macbook adapter everywhere ? Since Adapter is power supply or power brick converts the high voltage AC power from a wall outlet into the low voltage DC power needed for your Macbook. And you should notice the output on your adapter. Is it exactly the same voltage as the original one ? Is the new adapter must have exactly the same plug?


Choosing the wrong adapter can damage your Macbook. Where do you go to get the right adapter for your Macbook? when you google where is the reliable shops so i can get my new adapter. So many sites and shops pop up and you can be overwhelmed with information and by the end of the day you stil could not make the final decision.


The answer for you is in here


We are proud to be the distributor of Apple for years. We have been selling over thousand adapter to customers and we can assure you our service are worth being on your checklist

Feel free to call us anytime for all of Macbook components need

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