Motherboard Repair & Replacement

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Motherboard Repair & Replacement

If the processor is the brain, then motherboard (or mainboard) is the heart in your laptop. When it come to motherboard, diagnosing problems can be difficult. And that when you need a skillful technician. At Suachualaptop24h we will check your laptop inside out to identify the problem. if your motherboard is bad we will estimate the possibility to rescue or replace it. Fixing or replacing are not small tasks by the way. Lucky for you we have done the work on it more than 1000 times so we are pretty good at it.




Technician at is replacing

motherboard to customer's laptop

The most common motherboard problem you can meet:

  • The motherboard conducts electricity and passes it to other components, so it can’t come into contact with any metal, the inside of your computer should be neat and organized. If the motherboard ends up getting into contact with an unintended object, it can cause a short circuit.

  • Other case is from the power surges. Some electronics in your home are consume more electricity than others, like air conditioners and refrigerators. And it could effect your laptop too, if the power surges are too big, it can fry your motherboard  like a sunny side up egg

  • Heat is the mortal enemy of most electronic device. Overheat can lead to motherboard damage, there is no doubt about it

If these cases happen to your motherboard. Take your laptop to us, our technicians will check and estimate the damages. They give you the best advices and service for your choice.




Motherboard Repair & Replacement

All of our motherboard replacement parts are high quality, each part is tested before and after we put it in your laptop. Our prices are very competitive, so you can rest assured that you are paying for the best service for the very good price out there

Come to us and experience our service then you will know how good we are. So many customers have been using our services for the past 6 years and we will not let you down.

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